PTV 001: Connecting To Your Godliness With Nathalie Guerin And Theta Healing

In this inaugural episode of PossibiliTV, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nathalie Guerin about how to connect with your Godliness using Theta Healing.

Nathalie is a healer, manifesting coach, and Theta Healing practitioner.

Discover more about Nathalie at her website:

She spoke about how we are all “sparks of creation” and “sparks of God,” and how to connect with that.

She shared openly about her own journey with depression – and wrote an amazing book on that called The Promise.

She described a pivotal and mind blowing moment during a Lomi Lomi, in which she felt fragments of her soul coming back together, when she first discovered she had a spirit, “the beginning of me remembering who I was.”

She also spoke about psychometry, how she learned to read an object, how she was initially intimidated by this new world of energy, how she discovered she was psychic, and how she connected with the dead.

All of this led her to discover Theta Healing, which she explained is an energy healing modality created by Vianna Stibal in the mid-1990s.

At her first Theta Healing class, Nathalie shares how she was brought up to the 7th Plane which is apparently the plane of unconditional love.

I needed some help here – what’s a plane?

Nathalie explained:

Theta Healing has a framework of 7 planes. They are all connected, but the framework helps our understanding.

Here’s a quick explanation, with each higher plane existing at a higher vibration:

The 1st Plane: Where stones, rocks and minerals exist, with the lowest vibration.

The 2nd Plane: Includes the plants and living organisms around us.

The 3rd Plane: The animal plane, proteins (where we live).

The 4th Plane: The ancestral plane – people who have passed away.

The 5th Plane: Where the Ascended Masters live, Jesus, Angels, Guides – beings all at different levels within the 5th Plane.

The 6th Plane: The Laws of the Universe (e.g. the Law of Attraction, Law of Magnetism, etc.)

The 7th Plane: Unconditional Love

She explained that each plane has its own laws and recommended one of Vianna Stibal’s books called Seven Planes of Existence to learn more about how to connect at the 7th Plane of Unconditional Love to find a place of peace and love.

She discusses how part of Theta Healing is doing belief work, releasing limiting beliefs that may have accumulated from childhood, one’s genetics and past lives.

She discusses the important role of the healer who is acting as a channel and witnesses the healing, as well as the co-creative process between the client and the healer.

She downloaded a feeling and healing for Unconditional Love for anyone listening – at around the 19:00 mark — go check it out if you want to know what it feels like to be unconditionally loved by Creator.

She also explains how manifestation is the art of allowing, and how Theta Healing can assist with that.

She encourages people to check out Theta Healing or any other modality by taking classes and checking it out for themselves.

If you’re struggling with something, she encourages you to find a healer, and to recognize that different modalities work for different people at different times.

Here are some great quotes from Nathalie:

Healing is not about fixing something that’s broken, it’s about remembering who they are.

Healing basically means to make whole. And whole means to make Holy.

When I help someone heal, it’s to remember their Godliness.”

Nathalie recommends a few resources which include her Ask and Receive Meditation (check that out here) as well meditations from Abraham Hicks.

She notes that we are not supposed to be suffering, struggling or experiencing depression and again suggests you check out her book The Promise, her story of how she overcame depression, if you are experiencing depression or know someone who is.

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