In this episode of PossibiliTV, I had the joy of interviewing Karen Arbel about the power of meditation and prayer.

Karen Arbel is a Transformational Life and Success Coach. Learn more about Karen on her website: and tune in to hear her discuss the power of meditation and prayer for busy people.

She discusses a pivotal moment in her life in which she was in a nearly fatal car accident that shifted everything for her and changed the trajectory for her life. Full of synchronicity, this accident jolted her into an awakening that caused her to start listening more closely to the whispers of the universe.

She took the opportunity to learn Transcendental Meditation (TM) from her friends and palpably felt the effects of this practice. She has been practicing TM for 40 years.

As a modern American intellectual woman who did not grow up especially religiously, Karen explains that she considers herself a universal spiritual person. She took a course from a Lakota woman who taught prayer coaching, but she notes that prayer never came naturally to her.

She notes the importance of zooming out in order to gain perspective as the key to so many modalities (and references a livestream I recently did on this topic, you can check that out here).

She advocates for people to make prayer a non-negotiable aspect of our self-care routine, and helps her clients with this. She encourages each individual to have a direct connection to God or the Universe or nature to help them emerge to the next level of their consciousness.

“There’s one Truth,” says Karen, “there are many roads to that truth.”

She shares a Wayne Dyer prayer to start your day on the trajectory of your Higher Self.

Each morning, she wakes up, and in her first breaths, says:

“Thank you God for my life. Thank you for my body. Thank you for my family and loved ones. Thank you for another day to serve. Thank you thank you thank you.”

She speaks this while looking into the mirror into her own eyes, to connect with the Divine within her.

She encourages everyone to start their day with that kind of energy.

She also references Dr. David Hawkins’ book Power Vs. Force and the vibrational scale he shares from 1-1000, with LOVE vibrating at 500.

To lift yourself up to a higher vibration if you are ever down or depressed or struggling, she encourages you to get some perspective by helping someone else, making yourself bigger than your problems.

She notes the benefits of meditation and prayer to help gain this perspective as well, and explains how meditation is not just relaxation but actually changes one’s brain chemistry and has the potential to create more peace when done in numbers.

When I explained I haven’t committed to TM because 20 minutes two times a day felt like a big chunk of time, Karen called me out on me making time an excuse. We spoke about the Zen saying (I wasn’t sure who said it) that if you’re too busy to meditate, you should meditate twice as much.

I asked Karen about the act of going through the process to receive a mantra in TM and what her take was on it, since it seemed strange to me to pay money to get a meaningless syllable to meditate on.

She explained that this is a ceremony, and notes the specialness of the unique mantra one receives. She has no opinion whether this ceremony is necessary or not, but notes that in the process, you receive training and checking to ensure that you are meditating correctly.

She also encourages people to register every week for Marianne Williamson’s Livestream, and references a prayer Williamson offered to heal racial tension. You can see her apology to African Americans here.

Karen also shares a powerful story about how she used prayer to heal certain relationships in her life as well.

She references Digipill as a tool as well as Vishen Lakhiani’s site MindValley which have resources to assist you with meditation. Additionally, she encourages people to check out the 3-week meditation series with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra which you can check out here.

Find out more about Karen at Access a free meditation she offers on that site and consider working with Karen for a virtual intensive. She offers a money back guarantee if you don’t experience a transformation as a result of your work together.

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