In this episode of PossibiliTV, I had the joy of interviewing Melissa Zoske of about using The Healing Codes to unlock your greatest possibility. Melissa is an energy and wealth alignment expert. You don’t want to miss this episode!

In addition to being a practitioner of The Healing Codes, Melissa also is the founder of the Zoske Method and does so much more than just the Codes.

In this interview, we discuss the Healing Codes.

She discusses how sometimes things have to go south before we start seeking answers, and shares a bit of her journey.

She mentioned how she had started working with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / tapping) and The Law of Attraction, and made great progress with them, but wanted more.

She then came upon the Healing Codes and notes how she felt that this work touched her DNA in a different way, from generations back, at which point “the floodgates opened up.” She noted how her finances opened up, her health greatly improved, and she is now involved in a multi-million dollar company.

Melissa notes, “when you work on one thing, you work on everything,” and how everything changed once she started working with the Codes.

She states that when things happen to us that feel like the worst events of our lives, they are often the biggest gifts we can get. In the words of her friend: “You don’t always know your advances from your retreats.” She suggests we all move forward in life with trust that everything is working out.

Let’s Talk Healing Codes

What’s a code?!

The Healing Codes is a modality taught by Alex Loyd, which Melissa was certified in years ago. She mentioned it’s one of her favorite ways of working with her clients because it’s something they can use on their own.

She then goes on to show the healing centers and universal codes.

Melissa notes that whenever the Codes are used, we are always working on the energetic root cause. She discusses the power of these Codes to heal anything related to that root energy across generations. That is incredible!

She discusses how the Codes balance the autonomic nervous system which has been measured by hospital grade HRV machines.

She also warns us that the Codes are subtle but if you use them consistently, you WILL see results. However, the Codes remove our blocks in layers appropriate to what we can handle. She states that we have to trust that the codes are doing what they need to do in an ideal timeline which may not always be what we think we’d like!

She integrates the Law of Attraction with the Codes which makes the work even more powerful.

How exactly do Healing Codes work?

Everything is energy!

It is believed that these Codes open up the energy centers around these areas where practiced.

Dr. Loyd was divinely given this information while his wife was going through some serious health problems.

He had done many trainings himself, but after he had started using the Codes, his wife’s life changed drastically, his life changed, and his clients’ lives started changing drastically as well.

Melissa discusses how she had been using the Healing Codes to help her with her own fear of visibility and is seeing the results as they effect other areas of her life as well – relationships, social events, and more.

(Check out her YouTube channel!)

“You think you want one thing, but you’re going to open up everything,” she says.

She also discusses the importance of letting go of attachment which is part of the Law of Attraction.

Melissa mentions that OUR EMOTIONS are our ultimate clues about what we need to clear, regardless of what modality we are using.

She also talks about how she effortlessly and unintentionally manifested a trip to Italy!

Melissa is passionate about helping empower people by giving them Codes to use on their own to create quick transformation.

Check out Melissa’s incredible offerings on her website, including her Be Abundant Now Community.

You can also test out some samples on the resources section of her site where you can download the Universal Code as well as some mp3s to use on your own.

[Grab the FREE Universal Healing Code mp3 download HERE!]

Melissa is also doing specific work to help entrepreneurs bust through their blocks using the Healing Codes.

I booked a session with Melissa after this interview and received a custom code — I can’t recommend working with her highly enough! In fact, I loved working with her so much that I invited her in as a guest expert in my group, The PossibilIty Posse and she created a custom code for the group itself, which any member can use for 21-days to unlock financial abundance. Yes, please!

Check out Melissa Zoske now at – and consider working with her yourself! Melissa is awesome.

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