This week I had the joy of speaking with Erica Cosminsky of about feng shui. Erica is an intuitive energy healer and Red-Ribbon Feng Shui practitioner.

Energy of the Environment

Erica discusses how many metaphysical practices involve management of an individual spirit’s energy, yet feng shui is about the energy of the environment.

The 60 year cycle is something that effects each of us as well which she addresses as it is part of the energy of the environment that has an impact on us.

Balance vs. Harmony

She debunks the myth of balance – as balance is about stagnation and life is about forward progression. Erica speaks about the goal of feng shui being more about harmony.

I ask her naive questions about where to place certain things using feng shui and she notes that many of her clients get caught up about exact locations and corners. “We don’t live in a corner,” she notes, and encourages us all to take a more holistic perspective.

Modifying For Today

Erica encourages us not to get hung up on the exact details about feng shui or any practice for that matter, as it tends to tangle our energy more than anything else. She encourages us to modify practices and adapt them to our current lifestyles to get the most of them with as much ease in the process.

Schools of Feng Shui

Erica notes that there are 2 primary schools of feng shui, the Black Hat School and the Traditional Compass School. The Black Hat School involves a grid that you align to your front door. The Traditional Compass School involves aligns the outline of the home with the direction the front door faces. The Black Hat uses more of a grid; the Traditional School uses more of a pie shape.

Erica works with The Traditional school of feng shui. She discusses some differences between each of these schools.

Deal With Clutter First

Erica encourages us to all look at “hot spots” in our homes, where all the clutter accumulates. She speaks about systems and functionality in homes and how to improve them. Only when functionality is improved does it make sense to enhance the space with cures.

History of Feng Shui

Erica knows her stuff! She discusses a bit about the history of feng shui, which dates over 5,000 years old. It started with how they arranged their cemeteries to improve positive energy in these spaces and create energetic boundaries for the spirits. She speaks more about this on the interview.

Feng Shui As An Every Day Part Of Life

“It’s like bathing, they suggest you do it every day,” says Erica. She notes the constant cycle of life and how feng shui is an every day part of life.


Erica encourages everyone to use systems in their lives and while practicing feng shui to maximize effectiveness. She mentions her Facebook group where she often shares systems especially around the Chinese New Year.

She also discusses what happens when clutter and stuff is NOT dealt with and hoarding can begin to occur.

Feng Shui Tips For Abundance

She notes that the southeast corner of your home is for abundance and suggests you look in that general area of your home. She advises people to first declutter that space, clean it and streamline it, this is always her first suggestion with feng shui.

She also notes she has a very popular blog post with feng shui tips to bring in money fast. Check that out here.

She normalizes how overwhelming clutter and space issues can be. She can hold your hand and help you. Find out  more about Erica at

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