In this episode of PossibiliTV I had the joy of speaking with Julie Pham of

Julie is a psychic, a healer, and a love coach with many gifts. In this interview we discuss opening up to love.

From Math Grad To Psychic

Julie spoke about her own journey from a Wesleyan graduate with a degree in mathematics to coming into her own psychic gifts, which was totally against the grain of how she was raised, and quite difficult.

After experiencing corporate induced panic attacks, she recognized her soul was saying she had to do something else. She shares her path to discovering her intuitive and psychic gifts and discusses a reading she received on the street. This led to her receiving a book on being a psychic by Sonia Choquette, which helped her realize, “Uh, I think I’m psychic.”

Through practice, with confirmation, she realized that she truly was psychic. She also had dreams that came true as a child, despite having an otherwise “mundane” life.

Adding Healing Work To Psychic Powers

Initially, Julie offered readings for people and gave them messages, but she notes this wasn’t enough for her, so she later got into healing work. Using the healing work backed by her psychic gifts, she is able to help her clients not only identify but release limiting beliefs, and program a new belief system.

She discusses ancestral or past life wounds that requires a great deal of awareness on both her part and the client’s part. Putting her math degree to use, she identifies patterns in people’s lives to help them identify and release inner blocks.

Love Changes Everything

Julie speaks about how love is the force that will heal the world. She discusses the power of love and how when you open your heart to love, everything changes.

Her main focus in her work with clients is love and relationships. She speaks about how so many are blocked from love despite how much they desire it.

Trust Your Intuition

Julie’s clients often start saying they have a hard time connecting to their intuition. Julie says she needs them to listen to their intuition and notes that it’s a battle between their mind and heart.

She notes that intuition has a very distinct feeling. You need to know what it feels like as a bodily sensation, and it will always tell you what’s right. She states intuition will never come from fear. Intuition will never feel like an anxiety, but has a calmness about it, from your heart or gut.

She calls your intuition your “map and key,” and notes that it’s not a head or thinking thing, but more of a bodily feeling. In her words, “your body never lies.”

Meditation Is A Must

Meditation turns your mind off, and helps people distinguish from their mind, heart and intuition. With your heart that tells you what you want and desire, your brain that can analyze things and get caught in thinking spirals about it, your intuition simply KNOWS what’s right for you.

This is especially relevant in love. Julie refers to your intuition as your compass in love. She states how opening up to love is the scariest thing to do, and your intuition is your most powerful weapon.

“If you’re going to dive into something that’s scary, why not use your most powerful weapon.” – Julie Pham

Check out more about Julie on over at and join her Facebook group here – she advises us all:  Be open to love. I couldn’t agree with her more!

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