Today I had the joy of connecting with Katy Moses of Katy is a coach for women entrepreneurs and Master Reiki practitioner. In this interview, she educates us about reiki itself and how it can be used to light up your vision and help you reach your goals even faster as an entrepreneur.

She shares her own journey having seen a reiki practitioner to help her own recovery from illness, and how she dove in and become a practitioner herself.

After becoming attuned to reiki energy and using it for self-healing, she found herself marrying it to her love of entrepreneurs. She notes that an entire corporation exists within an entrepreneur, and if an entrepreneur becomes riddled by negative voices or¬†becomes sick, the entire corporation gets taken down. Knowing the power of reiki, she continued to question, “how can this help,” and soon started using it with entrepreneurs as an adjunct to her coaching.

Katy notes that reiki helps across time and space and one need not be physically present to benefit from reiki’s powers. In addition to helping one’s physical health, she speaks about how reiki can help with one’s mindset and expansion.

She discusses the 3 levels of reiki certification:

Level 1: Allows you to do self-healing and in person hands on healing.

Level 2: Allows you to do distance healing.

Level 3: Allows you to additionally attune others.

Katy also discusses the importance of knowing your vision and doing your mindset work daily. She encourages any entrepreneur to know their vision, and to keep it front and center whether written out as a goal or on a vision board.

Generously, Katy offers anyone interest in booking a totally complimentary mindset reset call (while spaces last), where she will meet with you virtually, face to face, and record a call with you to light up that vision and reset your mindset around it.

This is an incredible opportunity that Katy is offering — book your time with her by clicking here.

Go check out more about Katy on her website at

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