I was thrilled to interview Wendy Zamora of Wendy has an MBA and loves all things entrepreneurship, and is a Balanced Energy Practitioner.

She started doing energy work with her clients after some were simply not getting the results they desired in their businesses. She recognized something must be off, so she sought more answers, and found energy work.

Wendy has developed an entire program for anyone to learn about energy work and become a Balanced Energy Practitioner.

She describes her dissatisfaction with so many different programs and courses she had to go through to have a comprehensive background, and her decision to create a program that covers it all for people who want to learn.

Check out Wendy’s program at www.BalancedEnergyUniversity.comThe amount of material and subjects in her program is mind blowing and totally comprehensive.

Wendy debunks the myth that you have to be especially gifted or psychic in order to do energy work. She notes that anyone can learn this work.

As a part of the program, she is available every step of the way for her students who are also able to connect with each other as they go through the work. She also makes sure her students are set up for success with some business training as part of the program.

Wendy notes that the most common issues her clients struggle with include clarity and forgiveness.

She teaches us an amazing forgiveness technique that is simple, works on an energetic level and Wendy and her clients have found to be highly effective.

Wendy will be happy to do a free clarity call with you and discuss the program with you to make sure it’s a good fit. Head on over to and send her your information.

Wendy is incredible! I’ve worked with her personally and can’t recommend her work enough!

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