Today I had the opportunity to speak with my friend Elaine Grace Copeland of about her work helping women connect to their High Selves through the use of Oracle Cards.

Elaine has so many skills, and does so much incredible work including lifestyle and women’s empowerment coaching, business consulting, health and wellness work and more. Every time I speak with Elaine, I learn of a new area of expertise. She is incredible!

Today, we dive into Elaine’s experience with Oracle cards. She explains how her journey started decades ago when learning to understand the wisdom of the body by studying kinesiology and muscle testing.

She learned about dowsing, working with pendulums and L-Rods, which opened up the world to her of tools and ways to access her own connection with the Divine and her own High Self. This eventually led her to Oracle cards.

Elaine explains how we all have access to higher wisdom and guidance and encourages all of us to ask our Guides, Angels and Archangels to guide us so that we have as much support as we can on a daily basis.

She notes how the cards help us with clarity, self-trust, confidence, reassurance, confirmation and ultimately help us bring more joy into our lives. She debunks any myths that the cards may be forecasting or psychic in any way and reminds us that we all have free will.

Elaine speaks about the power of asking and appreciation.

To anyone watching this interview on PTV, Elaine extends a generous opportunity to do a reading with her at 50% off her regular rate – so for only $90, you can have a full card reading with Elaine to help YOU get more connected to your High Self and find the clarity you are looking for.

Email to claim this offer for a 60 minute reading and mention you heard her interview on PossibiliTV. You won’t regret it!!!

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