I just loved meeting and interviewing Shannon Elhart of about her work and the Akashic records. This is a must watch to learn more about the Akashic records and especially if you feel like a trainwreck right now in your life. Shannon is a life coach, author, speaker, Reiki master and intuitive who works in the Akashic Records.

Shannon’s Journey To The Akashic Records

She opens our interview by explaining how she is from a part of the country in which metaphysical woo type stuff is far from the norm. Even so, she got interested. She shares her journey from being the canary in a coal mine among her friends as the one who started seeking out intuitive readings at a time when she felt like she was a bit of a trainwreck. She started meditating, exploring more, and the rest became history.

Milestones she mentioned on her path included discovering she was a dilettante according to Carolyn Myss’s book The Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potentialwhich means essentially she is a generalist and competent in many areas as opposed to being a specialist and expert in one.

She discovered the Akashic records at an event in which she walked on fire, when an older gentleman gave her a reading and recorded it on a cassette tape. She said it was spot on, and appealed to her, so she started learning more.

She then discovered Linda Howe’s work on reading the Akashic records, but being the dilettante that she is, hesitated to purchase her book so kept it on hold at the bookstore for awhile. Synchronistically, however, she wound up with a flyer about a workshop nearby that Linda Howe herself was teaching on the Akashic records, so she knew she had to go.

Reading The Akashic Records

Shannon describes reading the records as being in a room with God and your Divine team. She states that it’s a beautiful love based place, with nothing bad, only love. People might be afraid of them but any kind of fear, hopelessness or depression is something that exists in our experience apart from these records. She mentions anyone can learn to read them.

She mentions “it’s not me, I’m the messenger, the extension cord,” and describes the process of reading the records as a triangle pointing up, with the top tip being God and the client’s Divine Team, and the bottom corners being Shannon and the client.

She describes her process and how she picks up on information about her clients, whether it’s by getting billboard type signs or seeing animals. She also states that one need not believe in past lives to benefit from a reading, but it is her belief that we are all coming into more lifetimes to be more like God, more love based, to learn lessons and to get on stage with each other as teacher and student.

The readings provide very clear guidance to Shannon and her clients about action steps to take in one’s life to change old patterns and get in deeper touch with one’s self.

From Trainwreck to Triumphant

Shannon’s favorite types of people to work with are those who feel like “trainwrecks,” as she described herself as one at one point in time. She discusses the transformative powers of pain, and how she is called to work with those in deep pain, as she is no stranger to it.

“When you feel like a trainwreck,” she states, “that’s good news!” The only way to go is up, and in her words, if you feel lost, the only thing you can do is get found.

Shannon tells the story of how she was pregnant with her 2nd child in 2000, and found out that the pregnancy was terminal. She describes how she held her newborn baby Jonathan in her arms and watched him die. As stated above, she is no stranger to pain.

She mentions an epiphany moment that occurred at a baby remembrance ceremony a year after her loss, and noticed women were there mourning their losses from 6, 7 or 8 years prior. At the time, she was pregnant herself, and she thought to herself, looking around at these women, “this pain will never go away.”  Then everything stopped and she what she calls her “epiphany bubble” formed around her.

A thought was given to her: “I have a choice.”

“I can choose to let this pain take me down and I can be the bitter, angry, sad, depressed ‘my baby died,’ mom. Or I can figure out how to heal this and I left that event transformed.”

She notes how weird this experience was for her but she recognized that despite not knowing how to heal, she believed now that she could.

At the time, however, she stated that she hated herself, she was a school counselor, felt empty inside and was an alcoholic. She was going through a divorce, and was re-visited by memories of a rape when she was 18. All of this stuff came to the surface when she started healing her loss, and she was able to let go of it all. She is now happy, strong and sober.

Her journey through pain has enabled her to help people through their pain. She notes that you have to look at the pain to get to the joy. Despite being flooded with ways to cover and hide our pain on a daily basis, “pain is the pathway to our joy,” she says.

The Six Paths of Pain

Shannon notes how pain happens in a variety of ways, e.g. co-created pain, other created pain, soul-created pain, and thought created pain. She has created a wonderful resource to help you discover which of the six paths of pain yours has come from so that you can begin or continue your journey of healing it.

Head over to to grab your free copy of her guide, The Six Paths of Pain, to discover more about yours today so that you can open up into even more joy.

Shannon reminds us of a quote from Khahil Gibran: “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

Awesome interview!

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