I loved speaking with Andra Popescu of www.AndraPopescu.com for our PTV interview this week. Andra is a life and business strategist for spiritual and conscious women to help them bring out their gifts, build their businesses and create their stress free lives.

In this interview, Andra discusses meditation with us in a new way. I loved that she so beautifully has coupled her strategic, left brained background with a more intuitive holistic approach. She provides some quick and simple practices to become more centered and aligned with our truth through integrative processes that can change your life!

Andra’s story

As an ambitious and go-getting independent woman, Andra checked off all the boxes and seemed to have created the ideal kind of success that anyone would want. Despite having a high paying salary, great friends and an excellent relationship, however, Andra was unfulfilled.

5 years ago while experiencing such inner dissatisfaction, Andra opened up more fully into her spiritual path, and it all started with a psychic reading that she and her friends originally joked about. It was a wonderful reading, and Andra found herself seeking more and more psychic guidance. Eventually she sought to learn more herself and became a Doreen Virtue certified angel card reader.

She mentions how her journey has been a “process of remembering.” She started to remember as a 7 or 8 year old girl using playing cards with her friends and pretending to do readings. She then got into crystal work, energy healing, and then began to pursue certification as a kundalini yoga teacher. She has many tools in her toolbox and continues to add more.

Kundalini Yoga

I asked her about kundalini yoga and she explained to me that it is essentially a “one stop shop” in that you receive a myriad of benefits from this one practice. Brought to the U.S. in the 1960s by Yogi Bhajan to help people awaken by more healthy means than were common of the times. It is also known as the “yoga of awareness,” in that it serves to help people awaken to who they really are.

All classes are structured in a similar way with an opening connection to the Divine, meditative breathing, poses and relaxation. In other words, you get a little of everything in one session. She notes that Yogi Bhajan said that you will receive as many benefits as 22 years of hatha yoga in one year of kundalini yoga. Not bad!

She encourages all of us to try it.

Meditation Made Easy

Andra noted that she loves meditation for many reasons, 2 of which follow:

  1. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, from newbie to expert status, meditation is immensely beneficial.
  2. Meditation quickly changes your brain chemistry, gets you out of your head and into your body, and helps you connect with who you truly are. The more you meditate regularly, the more you can authentically show up in the world, the better you feel, and the more you can impact the world around you.

Once again, sounds good to me!

2 Easy Meditative Practices

1. Alternate Nostril Breathing

Andra blew my mind with her explanation of alternate nostril breathing and how it helps the two branches of our autonomic nervous system work together in harmony. She explains how breathing in the left nostril activates your parasympathetic nervous system (that helps you relax, calm down) and how breathing in the right nostril activates your sympathetic nervous system (that revs us up and gets us into action, fight/flight or survival mode).

When these two systems are working together we are promoting greater brain integration and feel more centered and grounded (she even has me test it out for 30 seconds that you can do along with me).

Quick tips:

If you need to calm down – cover your right nostril and breathe through your left nostril.

If you need to wake up – cover your left nostril and breathe in through your right.


2. Peace Comes From Within

Andra also shares a trick that doesn’t require covering your nostrils or doing anything that makes you look silly so that you can use it with ease in public. She mentions how she has used this technique at many a board room meeting under the table.

Simply touch your thumb to each of your four fingers (which correspond to various body parts as well as certain values), and as you do this, use the power of your words to remind yourself that “peace comes from within.” So with each thumb to finger touch, say a word of that sentence.

This helps us create our own peace from within regardless of whatever challenges may come our way.

40-Day Challenge

Speaking of challenges, Andra challenges all of us to try out these practices for 3 minutes a day for 40 days, as it takes 40 days to form a new habit. See how you feel after these 40 days.

Connect With Andra – Amazing Opportunity

As an incredibly generous opportunity for people listening, Andra extends an invitation for the FIRST FIVE people who get in touch with her and let her know they heard her on PossibiliTV. She will gift you a ONE hour session whether it’s for strategy or to help you de-stress.

Visit www.AndraPopescu.com to connect and learn more about Andra or email her at info@andrapopescu.com

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