This week I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Roza Alicja of Roza is an Intuitive Life Coach and Angel Card Reader. Today she shares with us about her journey to working with the angels, how to strengthen your intuition (and the importance of doing so), as well as how you can connect more with the angels

Roza’s Roots

Roza grew up in Poland and was introduced to card readings through her aunt who also taught her how to use her intuition. She eventually went onto become a Doreen Virtue certified angel card reader.

Strengthening Your Intuition

Roza defines intuition as an “inner compass to guide us where we need to be.”

She explains how her aunt shared with her simple exercises to use to develop her own intuition and shares some with us as well which can be extremely helpful for someone who is not used to connecting with their intuition.

Instead of making a life changing decision based on an intuitive hunch, for example, start small. Ask yourself what time you feel it is, Roza suggests, and then look at a clock. Over time, you will start to trust yourself and your sense of the world around you more as you practice.

The Significance of Your Intuition

A large part of Roza’s work is around helping people learn to use their intuition in their daily life. She notes that she chose her website’s name,, because one can grow their intuition like a garden.

She helps people trust themselves and notes that more than anything, self-trust is the fastest path to any success, health or prosperity.

The Angel Cards

She uses angel cards as tools in her work as she connects with her intuition. She notes that angels are non-denominational yet found in nearly every religion. “Nobody fights about angels,” she says.

She then gives me a mini-reading for PossibiliTV!

Connecting To The Angels

Roza notes that the angels are all around us and never grow tired of helping us. She states that Archangel Michael will always come when we call him, especially in moments of fear. She also references the volume of information on the internet about the different angels to learn more.

She encourages us to call them and not to be afraid to ask them for their help every day. Once you start, they will continue to show their presence.

One suggestion is to sit quietly for 5 minutes daily and think about the angels. You will soon feel their presence. The more you connect to the angels and the spiritual world, she says, the more work you’ll want to do on yourself. The more you will speak your truth; the more you will not feel afraid.

She lists copious benefits of daily connection with the angels:

  • More trusting of your inner guidance
  • Speaking your truth
  • Choosing a higher path for yourself and your family
  • Feeling more meaning in your life
  • Greater sense of peace
  • Alignment with prosperity
  • Decreased reliance on external validation

Ultimately, you’ll trust yourself more and your heart will be your compass.

Connect to Roza

Roza teaches classes on connecting to your intuition and offers intuitive life coaching and angel card readings. Contact her at



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