Today I had the pleasure to connect with Melanie Sylla of Melanie is a holistic mentor to light workers. In this episode of PossibiliTV, Melanie shares with us about the use of essential oils and nutrition to raise our vibration.

Melanie’s Journey

Melanie stated that she has been using essential oils for 15 years, and grew up in a family that embraced a holistic approach to health. Natural health had been a hobby for her many years.

After the birth of her son nearly 5 years ago, she decided to answer the call to make holistic health her career. She became a holistic aromatherapist and holistic health coach, and discovered even more about health and nutrition for herself and her son. This path has led her to more and more discoveries about health and wellness, and she continues to learn.

High Vibration

“High vibration” is a concept I hear thrown around a lot, so I asked Melanie her understanding of it. She indicated that living in a high vibration helps you create the possibility and conditions to be fully yourself, in tune with your body, emotions, and aware of who you are and how you project yourself into the world.

She notes that we are all unique and each of us has our own gifts and magic to share with the world, which cannot be complete if we don’t share what we are, fully.

She states that if we eat processed food or are simply too stressed out, we can’t access who we are and share it with the world.

Living in a state of high vibration is essentially living with vitality and ample energy, being present in your life and enjoying it.

What are essential oils

Essential oils are chemical compounds that are extracts from the essence and most powerful parts of plants. They can assist us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, boosting immunity, respiratory and digestive functions, and more. They are tools that can be used daily.

Raising your vibration with essential oils

Melanie notes that essential oils work synergistically with our bodies to restore health and vitality. She discusses homeostasis which is a return to the same state, something our bodies naturally do. Essential oils assist the human body in returning into a healthy state.

She notes that the vibration of essential oils is high, and that even having bottles of the oils around us can help raise our vibration, not unlike crystals which are known for their high vibration.

Your vibration will try to match the vibration of the oils around you, and because these oils vibrate so high, they can assist you in raising your own vibration.

What is a light worker?

Because Melanie is a holistic mentor for light workers, I also wanted to hear from her what or who she considers a light worker.

In her words, light workers are people who are aware, who want to live a conscious life and are on a path of self growth. Her clients tend to be healers, holistic practitioners and empaths, who have a calling to know who they are at their essence and share this with the world.

She notes that there are thousands of ways to be a light worker, and many ways to connect with your essence and share it with the world, from how you interact with others at the grocery store to building your profession around it.

She also notes that there’s a good chance that anyone watching (or reading) this interview is a light worker as well.

The essence of Melanie’s work

In so many words, Melanie works with her clients to create the conditions so they can shine. She notes that it is difficult to shine if you have physical ailments or no energy.

Eating for high vibe living

She notes that using essential oils won’t do you that much good if you’re going for fast food every day.

When it comes to the food you eat, she suggests eating real food with recognizable ingredients that aren’t a mile long.

She notes how important it is to eat real food and truly connect with it, as it connects you back to nature and the world around you. Eating a carrot, for example, and knowing where it comes from and how it got to you is key.

She states something very important, which is to:

“be aware of what we choose to accept or take into our lives.”

This is as relevant for our diets as any other area of our lives. Don’t just accept mainstream culture because it’s mainstream.

What if it’s too overwhelming because everything seems so toxic?

From apples that aren’t organic to toxic water, GMOs and unethical practices when it comes to food…I asked Melanie what to do if the thought of it all is overwhelming?

Her advice was great:

“Guilt is the worst poison ever.”

She notes that no one is perfect.

When we don’t eat perfectly, enjoy it, and recognize it is not the norm. It doesn’t have to be complicated or all or none. She advises us to take baby steps and listen to your own needs. There’s no one way of eating that works for everyone.

She also explains the importance of savoring our food and getting off auto-pilot when it comes to enjoying it. This will stop people from overeating or stress eating and polishing off boxes of cookies in one sitting.

Raise your vibration

Melanie suggests that anyone listening tries 1 of 2 things for a week to raise your vibration.

Option 1: Start using high quality essential oils daily.

Option 2: Start your day with something packed with nutrition that will start your day off on the right track, whether it’s fruits or a green smoothie or overnight oats.

See how you feel after a week. (And if you already are doing these things daily already, add something new.)

7 Day Journey To Holistic Health

She also offers the opportunity to go even deeper with her free gift, the 7 Day Journey to Holistic Health, which you can grab over on her website at

Over the course of a week, you will receive 7 tips that you can apply to your daily life to see a difference. These are easy steps to take right now to elevate your vibration and improve your health on all levels, and you can use as many of them as you feel called, whether it’s just a few or all 7.

Head on over to her site at and here’s to high vibe living!

Don’t know where to find high quality essential oils?

Reach out to either Melanie or I and we will be sure to hook you up!

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