In today’s episode of PossibiliTV I get to chat with Rachel Claire of Rachel is a clairvoyant healer and coach in Boulder, CO.

Rachel’s Journey

Rachel was a public school teacher for over a decade. She notes that she always had a sensitivity and has had family who was pretty “woo-woo.” She was told after seeing psychics herself that she had psychic gifts. She then started having pre-cognitive dreams that came to fruition.

While she was still teaching, she decided to start a blog and go to psychic school at Psychic Horizons in Boulder, and she discovered that she was really good at giving readings.

She started at her kitchen table and felt “the call,” and went for it. She cashed in her retirement, quit her career and jumped into doing this business full-time.

She now works with clients strictly over the phone or Skype as she now has a baby daughter at home who is 1.

Rachel’s work

Rachel’s work goes beyond just doing readings but also includes a healing process as well. This is a lineage that is found all over the world that has been passed down for thousands of years that involves reading people clairvoyantly. She can see energy and images and pictures and interprets them for her clients.

She is able to identify the belief system holding people back and clear that energy. She notes how we pretty much match whatever we were born into in order to fit in with our tribes.

In order to be here and do what we need to do, we often have to go against the tribe and our family. She also spoke how she walked that path herself when telling  her mother, a 30 year retired public school teacher, how she was quitting her job as a teacher and becoming a psychic.

Her mom’s reaction?

“Over my dead body!”

Rachel didn’t let this stop her on her journey and now her mother actually appreciates her work.

What do people seek Rachel’s help with most frequently?

Money. Keeping up with the family financially. This is a loaded issue for many people!

She notes that we are of a special generation doing things a bit differently than our parents, the secure generation, who did things pretty much a certain way.

The baby boomers didn’t speak much about their inner world however today we are creating businesses all around our inner worlds – about being conscious, alive and empowered.

We are now more aware of that inner world.

Shine the light within

Rachel speaks about the importance of looking inward and fill up your cup, feel good and change your vibration as opposed to just projecting, blaming and pointing outward.

She notes how Eckart Tolle states how NOW is the gateway to our future. (Check out his book, The Power of Now.)

The reason why we don’t want to come to the present moment now is because we have pain.

If we anchor into our bodies and getting grounded, breathing deeply and grounding into the earth, you can find your home, presence and be aware.

When you feel what you feel like and ground into your own energy, you won’t be as likely to absorb everyone else’s energy and then you’ll be able to have a strong sense of self, and do here what you’re meant to do!

Step 1 she says is to HEAL THYSELF.

She notes the importance of having energy tools to work with your own energy.

If you can strengthen your chakras your vibration, your auric fields, you won’t get as sick, others’ energy won’t get in your way and you’ll be able to do what you’re here to do.

She explains more about the chakras as our energy system that animates the body.

Ego vs Spirituality

She notes that the ego always thinks it’s going to die! The ego is often operating from fear.

When we are being spiritual, we are putting more attention on the energy, which she notes is the key to being peaceful on the planet when things are crazy.

A lot of clairvoyant work is about imaging. Rachel also teaches people to work with roses, which is a psychic symbol that a lot of healers use.

Imagine, for example, in front of your root chakra a rose, and let it suck out the energy that it is not yours. That way you can fill in more of your own spiritual energy and not someone else’s.

Rachel also shares with us how the chakras connect with our aura as well and walks us through them.

Running Earth And Cosmic Energy

She notes that we run off of earth and cosmic energy and when we consciously do that we can be more conscious and have greater intention

She can tell when people have boundaries

When we take better care of cleaning our auras and running earth and cosmic energy

Honing Your Intuition

Rachel also helps her clients with intuition. She believes we’re all psychic and we can choose to hone that or not.

To follow your intuition, she encourages us all to trust it more. Traditionally it’s not what we’re taught.

She notes that one of your biggest psychic instruments is your body, and your body doesn’t lie. What feels light in your body is your truth. If it feels heavy or doesn’t feel right, that is your intuition telling you.

To find out what is in our highest good, she suggests that we ask “yes or no” to ourselves and set up imagery such as a spot light to help us understand what is best. Our first instinct is usually what’s right on for us.

A Gift For You!

Rachel’s Women’s Intuition Toolbox is a comprehensive free gift to get more of a taste of her work.

You will receive a complimentary guided meditation where she will take you through grounding, running earth and cosmic energies, setting your auric boundaries and filling your auras in, as well as a pdf that walks you through how to do this and why.

There’s also a bonus top 10 books on intuition as well that she provides.

Grab this toolbox over at

There are also many more gifts and goodies over on her site and you can also discover how to work with Rachel as well.

Her parting advice to all of us is to GET OUTSIDE, where we can get grounded and reconnect with our own energy.

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