In this episode of PTV I had a great talk with Shauna Angel Blue of about the internet as a medium, along with many other things.

Shauna is a medium herself, an artist and oracle.

Opening Prayer

Shauna started our chat with a prayer which I invited her to share during our interview. She noted that she uses this prayer whenever she does any work, particularly on the internet, to only allow positive energy and beings into the space.

A Different Perspective

Shauna offers a different perspective in this interview on the internet as a medium. She notes the use of the term medium in both a spiritual and an artistic sense, thinking about it both as a spiritual advisor as well as a painter.

She encourages us all to marry an artistic with a spiritual mind to visualize this different perspective on the internet that she offers.

She notes how easy it is to take the fact that the internet is a medium for granted, and for us all to be mindful of how we use it, who we follow, and what information we consume as a result of it.

Her Journey

Shauna notes that she’s close to 60 years young. To keep herself the clearest channel possible, she abstains from all alcohol or drug use, and notes that she is a 5th level transformational healer, having been attuned 5 times as a reiki practitioner.

She is also an artist with an MFA in photography and has been reading Tarot cards for over 25 years.

She discusses her online oracle forecasts which has enabled her to marry her art, reiki and spiritual guidance through the channel / medium of the internet.

A Tool To Empower

She also notes how the internet is a tool to empower if used with honesty.

She speaks of her true purpose to help people get their own information when communicating with spiritual energy. Though she is a medium herself, one of her intentions to to help people connect themselves.

Oracle Insights ~ Weekly Forecasts

Using Tarot, reiki and her videography, she taps into the spiritual energy of the future and offers weekly forecasts to members in her program.

She discusses how we’re all connected. We’re all guided, loved and connected to God.

Personal Protocols + A Simple Awareness

She notes how the internet has gotten sophisticated and we speak briefly of the danger that the internet also opens up.

She asks the question of responsibility – how does one police themselves while using such a medium?

Shauna also suggests that for those who spend so long in front of computers, to question what effect that has on you?

What is your self-care after using the computer and internet?

Are you mindful of negative vs positive ions, do you recharge with sea salt baths or kundalini yoga, or some other practice?

Shauna encourages us all to think about how the internet and computers effect us emotionally, intellectually, and on all levels.

She discusses the importance of personal protocols for us all to have in place to support us as more and more of us are using computers and digital technology as channels for our work.

Spirit Of Life

Shauna encourages us to be aware of what is going on. How are you connected to your soul, spirit, angels, Guides + Masters? She notes…they are always knocking on the door, saying, “hello?” And it’s up to each of us whether we choose to allow them to enter or not.

Sprit speaks through image, symbols, sometimes sound – write your impressions down, she says, and don’t get caught questioning or thinking, wondering, “is this me or is this Spirit?”

She explains how reiki moves through from the spirit body to the mental body, to the emotional body and then to the physical body. Spirit always wishes to manifest physically.

Reversing Trouble

Shauna notes that in many ways, with global warming and many other things happening in the world,  we could be fucked, so the internet can help us unfuck ourselves in a way, by spreading awareness in a bigger way.

She notes the message is more important than the medium and discusses the importance of the spiritual evolution that is happening all around us, with the internet as a medium to assist with that.

She encourages us to:

  • Write things down
  • Pay attention to your dreams
  • Pay attention to the words that you speak
  • Speak consciously, removing “but,” “if” and “maybe” from your language, speaking with intention

An Adventure

“Think of it as an adventure,” Shauna encourages us. She advises us all to develop your own way that you enjoy connecting to Spirit. She notes that praying and meditation can be a part of that but cannot stand apart from action.

She also notes that she asks for God to talk to her in a way that has clarity, so she can understand.

Gifts From Shauna

Visit Shauna’s site at and you can receive some free give-aways. Also check out her oracle insights and forecasts. If you become a member of her weekly forecasts, you will have access to a private website and will be the beneficiary of secret enchantments!

Shauna notes that she has so much love to give.

A Gift For Me – Card Pull

Shauna was kind enough to pull a card for our discussion and she drew the Queen of Wands. She shared how this was a card with FIRE – SPIRIT and LEO energy. “Love yourself,” is the message.

One of her mantras is:

“Self-Love is the first love.”

She notes that Divine Love is what needs to come into the first love.

When you connect with yourself and your spirit, Shauna tells us, magic will happen. You’ll live the life of your dreams. It’s an adventure.

Connect with Shauna by visiting her at

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