Today Siobhan McAuley of teaches us about her signature system of the Dream Journey Process and how she has integrated the concept of energetic archetypes into this.

Siobhan is a Growth Strategist and works with people to accelerate their dreams and step further into their growth, in business and in life.

Her Journey

Siobhan had been a yoga teacher for 15 years and astrologer who taught Shamanic dream work. Despite excelling in her work and achieving a certain level of success, she was always broke, and noted how many of her friends and colleagues (and many people in the spiritual arts) were in the same boat.

She decided to not teach yoga anymore and bake bread to allow the next vision of her life to take root. At the time, she reconnected with a former love, but both had been living in different countries, which caused a great deal of stress when it came to moving the relationship forward.

She was then diagnosed with cancer, and treatment took longer than expected. She had no money, accrued lots of debt, and this only further placed a stress on her relationship as well.

She decided to work on her relationship with money.

She set a goal to earn $20,000 a month so that she could go back and forth to visit her partner and so life would be easier. She knew she had to keep her life joyful, easy and abundant, or else she’d get sick again.

She was lying on a couch unable to work when she had this vision, and 6 weeks later, received $17,000 in 4 days.

“Okay,” she said, “there’s something going on that I don’t know about and I gotta figure this out!”

Within 9 months, she was receiving $20,000/month consistently.

She knew tons of yoga teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, artists and other spiritual creatives who also needed to monetize their skills as she had been able to do. She wanted to share this work with all of her friends.

Through free sessions, she set out to find whether she could teach people to stop selling their time for money and start selling the value of the result they are delivering.

While she noted that she got traction and was doing great overall, not everyone was getting results, so she got curious as to why that was.

The Underworld

She noted that some created their dreams instantaneously, but others got stuck in Stage 4 of her process: The Underworld.

The Underworld is what happens when you fall out of the frequency with the vibration of the dream you are trying to create. As the name suggests, this is a murky place. You can be there for a year…or your entire life.

She tells us more about The Underworld in a little bit.

Energetic Archetypes

Siobhan has put together a road map of the inevitable stages of growth to help people navigate the process with growth and ease.

She introduced the concept of energetic archetypes into her process to help people from enlisting the support of the Universe and to prevent them from getting lost in The Underworld.

Energetic archetypes are based on the Hindu Trinity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahman.

She notes that Shiva danced the world into creation and carries and initiator energy. Vishnu offers a sustainer energy. And Brahman is an enlightened consciousness. Understanding your energetic archetype will ultimately help you navigate the growth process and not get lost in The Underworld.

Money Energy

Another element that must be understood as you’re moving toward a dream or desire is your relationship with money. She notes that the big thing that tends to trip people up in this process is the money.

Money is energy, she states. It changes based on the perception of the person who is using it.

The Clans Of The Dream Journey Process

In Siobhan’s system, each energetic archetype has a clan or a tribe, which represents a different energetic demand during the cycle of growth. The clans are:

  1. Initiators
  2. Shape shifters
  3. Sustainers

By understanding your energetic archetype and the challenges that come with each, you are better able to navigate the cycle of growth and will be less likely to get caught in The Underworld. She discusses more about each clans unique challenges and energetic demands in the interview.

Your Comfort Zone

The Underworld is essentially your comfort zone. To grow, you must step out of your comfort zone.

Siobhan notes that in order to do this, you need clarity. You need to know WHY you want what you want. Only then will you be able to get uncomfortable to create the dream for yourself.

Meaning Makers – Challenges And Solutions

Siobhan works with meaning driven entrepreneurs. Money isn’t their driver, but meaning is. She notes that meaning driven entrepreneurs often get stuck when it comes to aligning their resources.

However, you must master your energetic relationship with money, she warns. Money to us is like water to a plant, necessary to survive and thrive.

Siobhan invites you to join her Facebook group Meaning Makers Movement, where you can connect with other meaning driven entrepreneurs like yourself.

Make sure to also find out more on Siobhan’s website at

Stay tuned because she will be offering a new free tool soon to help you determine your energetic archetype.

Parting Wisdom

Siobhan leaves us with some great advice:

“Your dreams and desires are proof that the supply to fulfill them already exists.”

She encourages us to remember that when you are touched with an inspiration or idea, you have to trust with absolute certainty that it is possible for you to realize that goal.

Everything you need is already there, she notes. You just need to get in alignment with it in order to happen.

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