PTV 019: Living Your Dreams With Siobhan McAuley + Energetic Archetypes

Today Siobhan McAuley of teaches us about her signature system of the Dream Journey Process and how she has integrated the concept of energetic archetypes into this.

Siobhan is a Growth Strategist and works with people to accelerate their dreams and step further into their growth, in business and in life.

Her Journey

Siobhan had been a yoga teacher for 15 years and astrologer who taught Shamanic dream work. Despite excelling in her work and achieving a certain level of success, she was always broke, and noted how many of her friends and colleagues (and many people in the spiritual arts) were in the same boat.

She decided to not teach yoga anymore and bake bread to allow the next vision of her life to take root. At the time, she reconnected with a former love, but both had been living in different countries, which caused a great deal of stress when it came to moving the relationship forward.

She was then diagnosed with cancer, and treatment took longer than expected. She had no money, accrued lots of debt, and this only further placed a stress on her relationship as well.

She decided to work on her relationship with money.

She set a goal to earn $20,000 a month so that she could go back and forth to visit her partner and so life would be easier. She knew she had to keep her life joyful, easy and abundant, or else she’d get sick again.

She was lying on a couch unable to work when she had this vision, and 6 weeks later, received $17,000 in 4 days.

“Okay,” she said, “there’s something going on that I don’t know about and I gotta figure this out!”

Within 9 months, she was receiving $20,000/month consistently.

She knew tons of yoga teachers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, artists and other spiritual creatives who also needed to monetize their skills as she had been able to do. She wanted to share this work with all of her friends.

Through free sessions, she set out to find whether she could teach people to stop selling their time for money and start selling the value of the result they are delivering.

While she noted that she got traction and was doing great overall, not everyone was getting results, so she got curious as to why that was.

The Underworld

She noted that some created their dreams instantaneously, but others got stuck in Stage 4 of her process: The Underworld.

The Underworld is what happens when you fall out of the frequency with the vibration of the dream you are trying to create. As the name suggests, this is a murky place. You can be there for a year…or your entire life.

She tells us more about The Underworld in a little bit.

Energetic Archetypes

Siobhan has put together a road map of the inevitable stages of growth to help people navigate the process with growth and ease.

She introduced the concept of energetic archetypes into her process to help people from enlisting the support of the Universe and to prevent them from getting lost in The Underworld.

Energetic archetypes are based on the Hindu Trinity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahman.

She notes that Shiva danced the world into creation and carries and initiator energy. Vishnu offers a sustainer energy. And Brahman is an enlightened consciousness. Understanding your energetic archetype will ultimately help you navigate the growth process and not get lost in The Underworld.

Money Energy

Another element that must be understood as you’re moving toward a dream or desire is your relationship with money. She notes that the big thing that tends to trip people up in this process is the money.

Money is energy, she states. It changes based on the perception of the person who is using it.

The Clans Of The Dream Journey Process

In Siobhan’s system, each energetic archetype has a clan or a tribe, which represents a different energetic demand during the cycle of growth. The clans are:

  1. Initiators
  2. Shape shifters
  3. Sustainers

By understanding your energetic archetype and the challenges that come with each, you are better able to navigate the cycle of growth and will be less likely to get caught in The Underworld. She discusses more about each clans unique challenges and energetic demands in the interview.

Your Comfort Zone

The Underworld is essentially your comfort zone. To grow, you must step out of your comfort zone.

Siobhan notes that in order to do this, you need clarity. You need to know WHY you want what you want. Only then will you be able to get uncomfortable to create the dream for yourself.

Meaning Makers – Challenges And Solutions

Siobhan works with meaning driven entrepreneurs. Money isn’t their driver, but meaning is. She notes that meaning driven entrepreneurs often get stuck when it comes to aligning their resources.

However, you must master your energetic relationship with money, she warns. Money to us is like water to a plant, necessary to survive and thrive.

Siobhan invites you to join her Facebook group Meaning Makers Movement, where you can connect with other meaning driven entrepreneurs like yourself.

Make sure to also find out more on Siobhan’s website at

Stay tuned because she will be offering a new free tool soon to help you determine your energetic archetype.

Parting Wisdom

Siobhan leaves us with some great advice:

“Your dreams and desires are proof that the supply to fulfill them already exists.”

She encourages us to remember that when you are touched with an inspiration or idea, you have to trust with absolute certainty that it is possible for you to realize that goal.

Everything you need is already there, she notes. You just need to get in alignment with it in order to happen.

Read more about Siobhan and her work at

PTV 018: The Internet As A Medium With Oracle + Medium, Shauna Angel Blue

In this episode of PTV I had a great talk with Shauna Angel Blue of about the internet as a medium, along with many other things.

Shauna is a medium herself, an artist and oracle.

Opening Prayer

Shauna started our chat with a prayer which I invited her to share during our interview. She noted that she uses this prayer whenever she does any work, particularly on the internet, to only allow positive energy and beings into the space.

A Different Perspective

Shauna offers a different perspective in this interview on the internet as a medium. She notes the use of the term medium in both a spiritual and an artistic sense, thinking about it both as a spiritual advisor as well as a painter.

She encourages us all to marry an artistic with a spiritual mind to visualize this different perspective on the internet that she offers.

She notes how easy it is to take the fact that the internet is a medium for granted, and for us all to be mindful of how we use it, who we follow, and what information we consume as a result of it.

Her Journey

Shauna notes that she’s close to 60 years young. To keep herself the clearest channel possible, she abstains from all alcohol or drug use, and notes that she is a 5th level transformational healer, having been attuned 5 times as a reiki practitioner.

She is also an artist with an MFA in photography and has been reading Tarot cards for over 25 years.

She discusses her online oracle forecasts which has enabled her to marry her art, reiki and spiritual guidance through the channel / medium of the internet.

A Tool To Empower

She also notes how the internet is a tool to empower if used with honesty.

She speaks of her true purpose to help people get their own information when communicating with spiritual energy. Though she is a medium herself, one of her intentions to to help people connect themselves.

Oracle Insights ~ Weekly Forecasts

Using Tarot, reiki and her videography, she taps into the spiritual energy of the future and offers weekly forecasts to members in her program.

She discusses how we’re all connected. We’re all guided, loved and connected to God.

Personal Protocols + A Simple Awareness

She notes how the internet has gotten sophisticated and we speak briefly of the danger that the internet also opens up.

She asks the question of responsibility – how does one police themselves while using such a medium?

Shauna also suggests that for those who spend so long in front of computers, to question what effect that has on you?

What is your self-care after using the computer and internet?

Are you mindful of negative vs positive ions, do you recharge with sea salt baths or kundalini yoga, or some other practice?

Shauna encourages us all to think about how the internet and computers effect us emotionally, intellectually, and on all levels.

She discusses the importance of personal protocols for us all to have in place to support us as more and more of us are using computers and digital technology as channels for our work.

Spirit Of Life

Shauna encourages us to be aware of what is going on. How are you connected to your soul, spirit, angels, Guides + Masters? She notes…they are always knocking on the door, saying, “hello?” And it’s up to each of us whether we choose to allow them to enter or not.

Sprit speaks through image, symbols, sometimes sound – write your impressions down, she says, and don’t get caught questioning or thinking, wondering, “is this me or is this Spirit?”

She explains how reiki moves through from the spirit body to the mental body, to the emotional body and then to the physical body. Spirit always wishes to manifest physically.

Reversing Trouble

Shauna notes that in many ways, with global warming and many other things happening in the world,  we could be fucked, so the internet can help us unfuck ourselves in a way, by spreading awareness in a bigger way.

She notes the message is more important than the medium and discusses the importance of the spiritual evolution that is happening all around us, with the internet as a medium to assist with that.

She encourages us to:

  • Write things down
  • Pay attention to your dreams
  • Pay attention to the words that you speak
  • Speak consciously, removing “but,” “if” and “maybe” from your language, speaking with intention

An Adventure

“Think of it as an adventure,” Shauna encourages us. She advises us all to develop your own way that you enjoy connecting to Spirit. She notes that praying and meditation can be a part of that but cannot stand apart from action.

She also notes that she asks for God to talk to her in a way that has clarity, so she can understand.

Gifts From Shauna

Visit Shauna’s site at and you can receive some free give-aways. Also check out her oracle insights and forecasts. If you become a member of her weekly forecasts, you will have access to a private website and will be the beneficiary of secret enchantments!

Shauna notes that she has so much love to give.

A Gift For Me – Card Pull

Shauna was kind enough to pull a card for our discussion and she drew the Queen of Wands. She shared how this was a card with FIRE – SPIRIT and LEO energy. “Love yourself,” is the message.

One of her mantras is:

“Self-Love is the first love.”

She notes that Divine Love is what needs to come into the first love.

When you connect with yourself and your spirit, Shauna tells us, magic will happen. You’ll live the life of your dreams. It’s an adventure.

Connect with Shauna by visiting her at

PTV 017: Grounding Your Energy + Clairvoyant Healing With Rachel Haynes, The Boulder Psychic

In today’s episode of PossibiliTV I get to chat with Rachel Claire of Rachel is a clairvoyant healer and coach in Boulder, CO.

Rachel’s Journey

Rachel was a public school teacher for over a decade. She notes that she always had a sensitivity and has had family who was pretty “woo-woo.” She was told after seeing psychics herself that she had psychic gifts. She then started having pre-cognitive dreams that came to fruition.

While she was still teaching, she decided to start a blog and go to psychic school at Psychic Horizons in Boulder, and she discovered that she was really good at giving readings.

She started at her kitchen table and felt “the call,” and went for it. She cashed in her retirement, quit her career and jumped into doing this business full-time.

She now works with clients strictly over the phone or Skype as she now has a baby daughter at home who is 1.

Rachel’s work

Rachel’s work goes beyond just doing readings but also includes a healing process as well. This is a lineage that is found all over the world that has been passed down for thousands of years that involves reading people clairvoyantly. She can see energy and images and pictures and interprets them for her clients.

She is able to identify the belief system holding people back and clear that energy. She notes how we pretty much match whatever we were born into in order to fit in with our tribes.

In order to be here and do what we need to do, we often have to go against the tribe and our family. She also spoke how she walked that path herself when telling  her mother, a 30 year retired public school teacher, how she was quitting her job as a teacher and becoming a psychic.

Her mom’s reaction?

“Over my dead body!”

Rachel didn’t let this stop her on her journey and now her mother actually appreciates her work.

What do people seek Rachel’s help with most frequently?

Money. Keeping up with the family financially. This is a loaded issue for many people!

She notes that we are of a special generation doing things a bit differently than our parents, the secure generation, who did things pretty much a certain way.

The baby boomers didn’t speak much about their inner world however today we are creating businesses all around our inner worlds – about being conscious, alive and empowered.

We are now more aware of that inner world.

Shine the light within

Rachel speaks about the importance of looking inward and fill up your cup, feel good and change your vibration as opposed to just projecting, blaming and pointing outward.

She notes how Eckart Tolle states how NOW is the gateway to our future. (Check out his book, The Power of Now.)

The reason why we don’t want to come to the present moment now is because we have pain.

If we anchor into our bodies and getting grounded, breathing deeply and grounding into the earth, you can find your home, presence and be aware.

When you feel what you feel like and ground into your own energy, you won’t be as likely to absorb everyone else’s energy and then you’ll be able to have a strong sense of self, and do here what you’re meant to do!

Step 1 she says is to HEAL THYSELF.

She notes the importance of having energy tools to work with your own energy.

If you can strengthen your chakras your vibration, your auric fields, you won’t get as sick, others’ energy won’t get in your way and you’ll be able to do what you’re here to do.

She explains more about the chakras as our energy system that animates the body.

Ego vs Spirituality

She notes that the ego always thinks it’s going to die! The ego is often operating from fear.

When we are being spiritual, we are putting more attention on the energy, which she notes is the key to being peaceful on the planet when things are crazy.

A lot of clairvoyant work is about imaging. Rachel also teaches people to work with roses, which is a psychic symbol that a lot of healers use.

Imagine, for example, in front of your root chakra a rose, and let it suck out the energy that it is not yours. That way you can fill in more of your own spiritual energy and not someone else’s.

Rachel also shares with us how the chakras connect with our aura as well and walks us through them.

Running Earth And Cosmic Energy

She notes that we run off of earth and cosmic energy and when we consciously do that we can be more conscious and have greater intention

She can tell when people have boundaries

When we take better care of cleaning our auras and running earth and cosmic energy

Honing Your Intuition

Rachel also helps her clients with intuition. She believes we’re all psychic and we can choose to hone that or not.

To follow your intuition, she encourages us all to trust it more. Traditionally it’s not what we’re taught.

She notes that one of your biggest psychic instruments is your body, and your body doesn’t lie. What feels light in your body is your truth. If it feels heavy or doesn’t feel right, that is your intuition telling you.

To find out what is in our highest good, she suggests that we ask “yes or no” to ourselves and set up imagery such as a spot light to help us understand what is best. Our first instinct is usually what’s right on for us.

A Gift For You!

Rachel’s Women’s Intuition Toolbox is a comprehensive free gift to get more of a taste of her work.

You will receive a complimentary guided meditation where she will take you through grounding, running earth and cosmic energies, setting your auric boundaries and filling your auras in, as well as a pdf that walks you through how to do this and why.

There’s also a bonus top 10 books on intuition as well that she provides.

Grab this toolbox over at

There are also many more gifts and goodies over on her site and you can also discover how to work with Rachel as well.

Her parting advice to all of us is to GET OUTSIDE, where we can get grounded and reconnect with our own energy.

PTV 016: High Vibe Living With Melanie Sylla

Today I had the pleasure to connect with Melanie Sylla of Melanie is a holistic mentor to light workers. In this episode of PossibiliTV, Melanie shares with us about the use of essential oils and nutrition to raise our vibration.

Melanie’s Journey

Melanie stated that she has been using essential oils for 15 years, and grew up in a family that embraced a holistic approach to health. Natural health had been a hobby for her many years.

After the birth of her son nearly 5 years ago, she decided to answer the call to make holistic health her career. She became a holistic aromatherapist and holistic health coach, and discovered even more about health and nutrition for herself and her son. This path has led her to more and more discoveries about health and wellness, and she continues to learn.

High Vibration

“High vibration” is a concept I hear thrown around a lot, so I asked Melanie her understanding of it. She indicated that living in a high vibration helps you create the possibility and conditions to be fully yourself, in tune with your body, emotions, and aware of who you are and how you project yourself into the world.

She notes that we are all unique and each of us has our own gifts and magic to share with the world, which cannot be complete if we don’t share what we are, fully.

She states that if we eat processed food or are simply too stressed out, we can’t access who we are and share it with the world.

Living in a state of high vibration is essentially living with vitality and ample energy, being present in your life and enjoying it.

What are essential oils

Essential oils are chemical compounds that are extracts from the essence and most powerful parts of plants. They can assist us on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, boosting immunity, respiratory and digestive functions, and more. They are tools that can be used daily.

Raising your vibration with essential oils

Melanie notes that essential oils work synergistically with our bodies to restore health and vitality. She discusses homeostasis which is a return to the same state, something our bodies naturally do. Essential oils assist the human body in returning into a healthy state.

She notes that the vibration of essential oils is high, and that even having bottles of the oils around us can help raise our vibration, not unlike crystals which are known for their high vibration.

Your vibration will try to match the vibration of the oils around you, and because these oils vibrate so high, they can assist you in raising your own vibration.

What is a light worker?

Because Melanie is a holistic mentor for light workers, I also wanted to hear from her what or who she considers a light worker.

In her words, light workers are people who are aware, who want to live a conscious life and are on a path of self growth. Her clients tend to be healers, holistic practitioners and empaths, who have a calling to know who they are at their essence and share this with the world.

She notes that there are thousands of ways to be a light worker, and many ways to connect with your essence and share it with the world, from how you interact with others at the grocery store to building your profession around it.

She also notes that there’s a good chance that anyone watching (or reading) this interview is a light worker as well.

The essence of Melanie’s work

In so many words, Melanie works with her clients to create the conditions so they can shine. She notes that it is difficult to shine if you have physical ailments or no energy.

Eating for high vibe living

She notes that using essential oils won’t do you that much good if you’re going for fast food every day.

When it comes to the food you eat, she suggests eating real food with recognizable ingredients that aren’t a mile long.

She notes how important it is to eat real food and truly connect with it, as it connects you back to nature and the world around you. Eating a carrot, for example, and knowing where it comes from and how it got to you is key.

She states something very important, which is to:

“be aware of what we choose to accept or take into our lives.”

This is as relevant for our diets as any other area of our lives. Don’t just accept mainstream culture because it’s mainstream.

What if it’s too overwhelming because everything seems so toxic?

From apples that aren’t organic to toxic water, GMOs and unethical practices when it comes to food…I asked Melanie what to do if the thought of it all is overwhelming?

Her advice was great:

“Guilt is the worst poison ever.”

She notes that no one is perfect.

When we don’t eat perfectly, enjoy it, and recognize it is not the norm. It doesn’t have to be complicated or all or none. She advises us to take baby steps and listen to your own needs. There’s no one way of eating that works for everyone.

She also explains the importance of savoring our food and getting off auto-pilot when it comes to enjoying it. This will stop people from overeating or stress eating and polishing off boxes of cookies in one sitting.

Raise your vibration

Melanie suggests that anyone listening tries 1 of 2 things for a week to raise your vibration.

Option 1: Start using high quality essential oils daily.

Option 2: Start your day with something packed with nutrition that will start your day off on the right track, whether it’s fruits or a green smoothie or overnight oats.

See how you feel after a week. (And if you already are doing these things daily already, add something new.)

7 Day Journey To Holistic Health

She also offers the opportunity to go even deeper with her free gift, the 7 Day Journey to Holistic Health, which you can grab over on her website at

Over the course of a week, you will receive 7 tips that you can apply to your daily life to see a difference. These are easy steps to take right now to elevate your vibration and improve your health on all levels, and you can use as many of them as you feel called, whether it’s just a few or all 7.

Head on over to her site at and here’s to high vibe living!

Don’t know where to find high quality essential oils?

Reach out to either Melanie or I and we will be sure to hook you up!

PTV 015: Attuning To The Angels With Roza Alicja

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Roza Alicja of Roza is an Intuitive Life Coach and Angel Card Reader. Today she shares with us about her journey to working with the angels, how to strengthen your intuition (and the importance of doing so), as well as how you can connect more with the angels

Roza’s Roots

Roza grew up in Poland and was introduced to card readings through her aunt who also taught her how to use her intuition. She eventually went onto become a Doreen Virtue certified angel card reader.

Strengthening Your Intuition

Roza defines intuition as an “inner compass to guide us where we need to be.”

She explains how her aunt shared with her simple exercises to use to develop her own intuition and shares some with us as well which can be extremely helpful for someone who is not used to connecting with their intuition.

Instead of making a life changing decision based on an intuitive hunch, for example, start small. Ask yourself what time you feel it is, Roza suggests, and then look at a clock. Over time, you will start to trust yourself and your sense of the world around you more as you practice.

The Significance of Your Intuition

A large part of Roza’s work is around helping people learn to use their intuition in their daily life. She notes that she chose her website’s name,, because one can grow their intuition like a garden.

She helps people trust themselves and notes that more than anything, self-trust is the fastest path to any success, health or prosperity.

The Angel Cards

She uses angel cards as tools in her work as she connects with her intuition. She notes that angels are non-denominational yet found in nearly every religion. “Nobody fights about angels,” she says.

She then gives me a mini-reading for PossibiliTV!

Connecting To The Angels

Roza notes that the angels are all around us and never grow tired of helping us. She states that Archangel Michael will always come when we call him, especially in moments of fear. She also references the volume of information on the internet about the different angels to learn more.

She encourages us to call them and not to be afraid to ask them for their help every day. Once you start, they will continue to show their presence.

One suggestion is to sit quietly for 5 minutes daily and think about the angels. You will soon feel their presence. The more you connect to the angels and the spiritual world, she says, the more work you’ll want to do on yourself. The more you will speak your truth; the more you will not feel afraid.

She lists copious benefits of daily connection with the angels:

  • More trusting of your inner guidance
  • Speaking your truth
  • Choosing a higher path for yourself and your family
  • Feeling more meaning in your life
  • Greater sense of peace
  • Alignment with prosperity
  • Decreased reliance on external validation

Ultimately, you’ll trust yourself more and your heart will be your compass.

Connect to Roza

Roza teaches classes on connecting to your intuition and offers intuitive life coaching and angel card readings. Contact her at



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