Expanding Possibility

    …by strengthening connection.


Are you longing for the kind of love and understanding you thought your relationship would bring but feeling miles apart?

Frustrated and going in circles with your partner, unable to connect and getting caught in the stupidest of arguments over the most trivial issues?

Suffering from the aftermath of infidelity, and on the brink of divorce?

Feeling hopeless after so many years of being nagged or criticized, or not responded to at all?

You’re in the right place.

Therapy is an opportunity to take stock of yourself, your life, and your relationships, to gain a deeper self-awareness and understanding of your patterns and emotional landscape so that you can live more freely, with greater ease, joy, and connection.

Change what’s not working so that you can enjoy deeper and more fulfilling relationships, intimacy and finally feel supported, deeply understood and cherished.

Maybe you’ve heard horror stories of couples seeing a therapist and winding up hating each other more as a result. Even worse, maybe you’ve experienced that yourself, and are reluctant to give it another try.

Know this:

Not all therapy is created equal!

The kind of work that I’m trained and certified in and have been practicing for over a decade, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), is backed by the research. Clinically proven and considered the gold standard of couples therapy, it has demonstrated a track record of helping 9 out of 10 couples make improvements in their relationships, and 7 out of 10 couples completely get better (and stay better after time)!

In the last few decades a new understanding of how relationships really work and a roadmap to helping couples repair their relationships has emerged, and after learning + practicing this approach with countless couples, I can assure you: It feels like magic.

Emotionally Focused Therapy gets to the heart of the matter,

and works to restore and deepen connections.

Magic doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Any kind of therapy requires a commitment from you in order to work.

To reverse old habits that have taken years to form, you must be willing to show up for yourself, peel back the layers, and invest yourself in the process. In most circumstances, that means weekly appointments, typically at the same time each week, with a sharp focus on you and your goals.

Unlike many approaches, this work is short-term and focused.

That means we will not spend months or even weeks rehashing old events from childhood, nor will our sessions simply be a place for you to vent. There is a structure and process based on the here and now, which will help you reconnect.

Contact me today to discuss whether it makes sense for us to work together.

My practice is located in Nashua, NH and I also work remotely with individuals, couples and families in New Hampshire and New York.

**I am presently seeing clients in person and remotely using a secure online platform that is easy to use (Zoom).**


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