About Dr. Jenev Caddell

“I want you to get excited about who you are, what you are, what you have, and what can still be for you. I want to inspire you to see that you can go far beyond where you are right now.”   – Virginia Satir


You know that story that says we use basically 8-10% of our brains?

It might be bogus, but that + a ton of curiosity and obsession with possibility and potential is what led me to become a psychologist.

Yet when I went off to graduate school in sunny California, I learned more about what was wrong with us than what was right.

I naturally gravitated toward more solution focused and constructivist approaches learning how to facilitate growth and transformation in the most positive and powerful way possible, but I was swept away into the tide of traditional work as a psychologist.

Past experience includes:

Psychological services (e.g. assessment and therapy) at sites such as: Suicide hotlines, group homes for adolescent girls, high school special education departments, family clinics, outpatient mental health clinics, inpatient psychiatric units, an inner city mobile crisis team and a college counseling center as counselor + director. I have also supervised and trained psychotherapists and coaches and taught in Master’s programs (Marist College and The City College of New York).

I started my private practice working with individuals and couples in NYC in 2009, opened my doors to coaching in 2013, and after moving to New Hampshire from NYC, I opened a new local practice in 2016.


What I learned along the way is that what we all need to unlock our greatest possibility and potential is connection

In other words, safe, strong and solid relationships.

Thanks to my practice and training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (the gold standard of couples therapy), I have a roadmap that helps people create deeper connections in their lives – that takes you anywhere from going from the brink of divorce to happily married, to strengthening partnerships in your business.

I am passionate about helping my clients connect to their Highest Selves in meaningful ways, and authentically expressing themselves and their messages effectively to people in their lives who matter most.

That translates to feeling supported, received, deeply understood and cherished. Flourishing businesses, thriving relationships and true mental health.

Do what you love and love who you’re with harder.

That’s what I’ll help you do.

 Click the button below to contact me to inquire about availability and if it makes sense to do so we can schedule a consult from there:


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