Hold Me Tight® Workshops for Couples

  • Do you want to feel more deeply connected in your relationship, more supported and understood?
  • Looking to improve communication and understanding what’s really going on when you get caught in conflicts?
  • Ready to jump start your relationship and strengthen your foundation together fast?

A Hold Me Tight® Workshop may be your answer.

Based on the cutting edge work of Dr. Sue Johnson and her book, Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of LoveHold Me Tight® workshops can help you and your partner discover how relationships really work and how to strengthen yours.

Hold Me Tight® workshops are based on the most rigorously and empirically supported form of couples therapy that exists: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

You and your partner will learn about your underlying patterns and deepen your emotional connection together.

What Others Have Said:

The following feedback was from participants in a NYC Hold Me Tight® Workshop co-led by Drs. Kristin Kolozian (of drkristinkolozian.com) and Jenev Caddell:

“We’ve had the most effective and “real” conversations we’ve had in a long time.”

“I would recommend this book/workshop to every couple.

“Stay the course.  Stay through to the end, it’s worth it…it has taught me some very valuable, very important lessons.”

“It has been more effective than 5.5 months of intensive couples therapy.”

“We needed a skill set to tackle our hardest conversations w/o resentment getting in the way. We were stuck in patterns.  We feel we can start practicing and get somewhere now.”

“It helped develop empathy for (my girlfriend), myself even, and other relationships.”

“Be open to good things happening by being present and listening to your feelings and your partner’s.  It has the potential to blow your hair back!”

“You will grow and benefit tremendously from the availability of the individual work.  Take advantage of it.  Don’t be scared or hold back.”

“You guys were awesome.  THANK YOU!”

Interested in hosting or joining a workshop?

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