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Expanding Your Possibility Through The Power of Connection

As service based professional and creative entrepreneur, you’re as strong as they get, sharp as a tack and not a fan of the herd.

You’re rebellious, smart, and you care. Deeply.

You are here to live fully. YOUR way.

As an uplifter, people come to you for support, and you dish it out because it feels so rewarding to help others feel better and live THEIR lives more fully too.

But sometimes…you’re in your own way.

You’re smart enough to know that you don’t know everything, but sometimes you question if you know ANYTHING!

You see nonsense and fluff around you, and hesitate to contribute sometimes, fearing that you’ll just bring more of the same.

Self-doubt, perfectionism and imposter syndrome have stopped you dead in your tracks.

You think you’re just confused. Unclear.

But on some level, you’re scared!

Despite being smart and accomplished, you wonder if it’s really possible for you to create a life on your terms.

You’ve listened to one too many gurus, have unknowingly given your power away, and maybe even can’t recognize your own voice right now.

You fill notebooks with brilliant ideas and find them years later and think, “Oh right! Why didn’t I do that?”

Or because you get bored so quickly and don’t always fully believe in yourself or your work, you move from one idea to the next without reaping the fruits of the efforts that you’ve put in, constantly spinning with a lot of great ideas, but never committing.

Those moleskin journals and cheap composition books with your fancy pens are lovely, but useless when your ideas stay locked inside of them.

You know that’s gotta change.

You’ve got something big inside and you’re obsessed with reaching new levels of potential.

Greater possibility.

In my work as a psychologist forever obsessed with human potential, one thing I’ve learned about stepping into our greatest possibility is that FIRST we need connection.

To ourselves, to others, to our mission, and to something larger than ourselves that we’re all a part of.

The cure is always in the connection.

Nothing extraordinary occurs in a vacuum; we all need support.

To be bravest, boldest and most resilient, to take bigger risks and to explore unchartered territory, we need a safe base.

We get that safe base from each other. I’m not making this up; neuroscience backs me up.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road.

While you may cherish your time alone and you thrive on doing things your way, loneliness is a killer (research backs me up on that one too).

In this hyperconnected yet hypoconnected online playground, if we want to survive and thrive as conscious business owners, we desperately need real connection more than anything.

Here is your opportunity for that.

An opportunity for you to connect deeply to yourself, your work, your truth and to discover how to create the strongest connections to those around you. This is an opportunity to join a community of people like you who will have your back. Who will support you and believe in you as you connect to your greatest possibility.

This is The Possibility Posse:

The Community for Conscious and Connected Creators.

Where YOUR agenda is our agenda.

It’s time you put it on the map.

We have no experts on your life here – you’re the expert.

We’ll hold up a mirror so that you can be your own guru and leader.

You own your own business in order to be your own boss, now it’s time.

We believe in you. We’ll help YOU to believe in you.

We are your creative think tank to help you unleash your genius.

To help you stay in your own lane and out of your way. With loving and firm boundaries to ensure that you’re not taking care of everyone else and neglecting yourself.

We are here to live fully WITHOUT regrets by making the most of our time on this planet by seeking and stepping into our full possibility.

Everyone is here to soar even higher and step into an even greater potential by getting more connected with themselves, each other, their work and the world.

What is The Posse?

The Posse is a membership based community with weekly calls, opportunity for showcasing your work, feedback between sessions and trainings on how to connect more deeply to yourself and those around you.

The Posse is for you if you are a service based professional/healer or creative entrepreneur and you are here to make a difference. You are ready to grow your business in a way that is deeply meaningful and effective.

You value contribution and service, and are a born uplifter. You care about the people in your life including your loved ones and clients and wish to create the strongest relationships possible.

Join us, engage, stay connected &

You can expect the following results:

♦  Deeper connection to yourself, your truth and your mission

♦  Improved confidence

♦  Strengthened relationships with significant others

♦  Greater emotional fluency and intelligence

♦  More clarity in the actions you’re taking

♦  More effective self-expression personally & professionally

♦  Increased sense of self-worth

♦  Stronger mindset

♦  More effective communication and messaging

♦  Deeper connections with your clients & community

♦  Improved leadership abilities

What others are saying about working with Jenev:

My goals for joining Jenev’s group were to gain focus, learn about starting a business, and take practical steps towards making a more profitable business; The group was all that and more for me!  I felt like there was someone helping me to be accountable, always there with encouragement, and guiding me with practical ways of overcoming obstacles.  Since being in the group, I’ve found myself moving faster, getting “stuck” less, and feeling more positive about the state of my business and relationships in general.  That’s because Jenev is a natural at business and relationships – that was evident to me in our first conversation and she continues to impress me.  I’d highly recommend Jenev and this group for anyone wanting some help in taking their business to the next level!”


Working with Jenev has been literally, a Godsend…I had no idea how being supported in this way would make such a difference and wish I worked with Jenev sooner.”

– health coach

Jenev is as authentic and down to earth of a human being as anyone I’ve ever met. Her attention, clinical skills, and insights are razor sharp, her understanding runs deep, and her integrity is second to none. When you work with Jenev, you enter into the safest space on earth: a judgment free zone with somebody who genuinely cares about you and the direction of your life. Why? Because we’re all connected. And because you matter. You’ll definitely walk away from working with Jenev with a deep sense that your life is anything but insignificant and your days of playing small will be long gone. I’m endlessly grateful to Jenev because there’s no question that, in my life, she’s been a total game changer.”

licensed marriage and family therapist & coach

Imagine the possibilities…

What would your business be like if you had a team of people at your fingertips that you could run something by for feedback before you unleashed it into the world? A team of people who have your back and who will hold you accountable to support you as you unleash it into the world?

If you believed in yourself more, had a greater sense of confidence, were more grounded in your self-worth, more clear about your work and how to express your mission…

If you received personal feedback to assist you in navigating your relationships, not only with clients but with significant others such as your spouse and/or family who may not understand you as an entrepreneur, so you could have harmonious connections to others.

What’s that worth to you? To your business?

The Posse Includes:

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 Regular LIVE group calls for personal support, laser coaching and group feedback.  Opportunity for hotseat calls with Jenev for feedback, planning and block busting.

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Private Facebook group for feedback from Jenev and other members, including assistance with copy editing and messaging as well as creative support and brainstorming.

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Training material on the topic of connection and relationships with: yourself, your emotions, significant others (including non-trepreneur spouses), energy, money, clients, team, community, your message, mission and your mindset.

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Opportunity to showcase your work to the group.

Guest expert spotlights.

Join The Posse!

Give us a test drive! There is no obligation to stay. We offer month to month memberships that do not lock you in.

Select the membership that is the best fit for you below:

You’ll also be able to immediately be able to access the following programs:

Regardless of what kind of “baggage” you may have, this 6-week program shows you how to create true love, even if you think you can’t. It’s for singles or partnered individuals. Includes workbooks and audio trainings, the opportunity for 2X monthly LIVE group calls on relationships with Dr. Jenev, and a supportive FB community of fellow love revolutionaries. (Value: $497)

This program helps you as an entrepreneur create a stronger romantic relationship and demonstrates how doing so is ultimately great for your business. Join now and immediately access 4 modules of training that present the unique challenges that being an entrepreneur has on a relationship, and how to overcome them so you can enjoy your relationship for what it is: one of your greatest assets. (value: $397)

Join now to access this 3-week course with Rick Gabrielly, aka The Marriage Boss, and Dr. Jenev to discover how to finally see eye to eye with your significant other about money in your relationship. The course includes 3 modules of training and a fillable workbook you can start using right away to lay this issue to rest once and for all (value: $147)

Your Best Love: The Couples Workbook and Guide To Their Best Relationship – my ebook for couples to help you create your best relationship. You’ll discover how to feel:

  • Heard, understood and seen by your partner
  • Appreciated, valued and cherished
  • Connected and understood
  • More deeply in love than ever before

(Value: $18.97)

Emotional Intelligence is everything for survival and thriving in business. Our emotions are our hidden drivers.

Within 1 week, connect more deeply to your emotions and experience in a much more meaningful way. You’ll receive 5 daily trainings with audio recordings and exercises

Understand yourself and emotions, understand others’ as well, and ELEVATE! (value: $17)


Grab Your Spot Now And Get Started Today:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the minimum commitment to be a member?

A: Once you join, your membership will renew on a monthly basis (unless you choose annual plan). You are under no obligation to stay beyond the initial period which you signed up for.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Because you can leave at any time, we have a no-refund policy.

Q: How much private access do I get to Jenev?

A: With the Premium Membership you receive a monthly call with Jenev to strategize, get you out of your own way and game plan the best steps forward for your business and life. You have unlimited private access to her between sessions via email. You will also receive a free private session with Jenev if you choose the annual plan. The regular membership is for the group program only. You can still access personal support from Jenev via hot seats and laser coaching calls, but this is not a private program.

Q: I have a question that’s not addressed here. How can I get in touch?

Let us know your question below and we will respond ASAP!

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