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  • Starting your practice and not sure where to begin?
  • Time to grow your practice?
  • Ready to discover how to stand out and attract your ideal clients?

I know, they didn’t teach this business stuff in grad school.

Being a therapist also can feel a bit tricky in this day of social media and technology. How do you navigate it all?

Honestly, I was a “late-joiner” to Facebook and don’t love being everywhere on social media, but I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and shown up. And it’s only helped my business.

We all need to find our personal set point of what’s comfortable online and what is best for our practice and our clients. That’s one thing I can assist you with if you’re feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed by the whole thing.

I also help therapists with money mindset issues as we can be a bit of a pathetic lot when it comes to that.

It’s not your fault, it comes with the training you’ve shelled out tens if not hundreds of thousands for, and when you love what you do, sometimes it can feel weird getting paid well for it.

I’ve been there too – I have worked myself to the bone in the past, charging little, seeing clients back to back non-stop, and since I fixed that, I see fewer clients, but am much more effective in my work. (Not to mention I’m a better mom and partner as a result…it would be pretty off brand if I wasn’t…)

I’d love to speak more about potentially working together to help you create your best practice. Fill in the form below and let’s have a conversation.

Clinical Supervision

Now that you’re on your own in your practice, are you looking for a supervisor in your corner to support you in showing up your best for your clients?

I offer supervision to help you deepen your skills, work more effectively with your clients, and so you can simply have someone who speaks your language to bounce ideas off of.

I have been supervising trainees + therapists informally and formerly for over a decade, have taught Master’s level students at multiple colleges as an adjunct professor, currently teach at a coaching certification program, and was also the Clinical Director at the City College of New York’s Counseling Center where I led training programs, taught and supervised doctoral candidates, other trainees and therapists.

I love supervision and would love to hear more about what you’re looking for assistance with.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll find a time to connect.

Let’s set up a time to speak more.

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