Ever feel like there’s something more?

That’s because there is.

Know you’re meant for more? To be, do, have and give more?

You are.

You are steadfast about creating life your way, on your terms. Growing, expanding, learning, embracing new possibilities and creating. Constantly creating a better life for you and anyone whose life you touch. You’re a visionary.

But sometimes you feel stuck with that big mission of yours.

You feel alone. 


And you’re ready to be self-expressed in a way that’s deeply understood by others around you, and to reach a new level of self-awareness and understanding.

I work with individuals and couples in psychotherapy to help with mental health issues and relationship problems, with an emphasis on helping couples strengthen and save their marriages.

I also work with innovators, visionaries and creative entrepreneurs (both business partners and individuals) as an integrative coach to support them in their businesses and personal lives, so they can experience more fulfillment, meaning and abundance in their lives and relationships.

I also love working with my fellow therapists in the form of clinical supervision and mentoring. If you are a therapist, you know the value of having someone supportive in your corner to help you show up fully for your clients. I am also available to support you in the growth and development of your practice.

Isn’t it time to live even more fully?

My clients tell me that I create the safest place in the world to explore their inner terrain, step into new neural landscapes, and create the absolute best possibilities, strongest relationships and most fulfilling lives.

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